Cyber Security of Operational Technology seminar

UKTI Estonia/ British Embassy Tallinn is organising a seminar titled Cyber Security of Operational Technology at the inspirational e-Estonia Showroom on 9 February 2016.

The seminar will focus on cyber threats faced by companies using industrial control systems (ICS) and discuss the current situation, future trends and solutions in this domain.

The linking up of control systems with business software and the internet have introduced the risk of major financial, reputational, intellectual property related, environmental and other types of loss from cyber attacks. Business continuity may be severely jeopardised.

At the seminar a close look will be taken at cyber risks faced by companies reliant on ICS SCADA and the related solutions offered in the United Kingdom, where the cyber security market amounted to EUR 22bn and its exports close to EUR 2bn in 2014.

Please find the seminar programme, profiles of presenters, and contacts for further information in the attachment.

The number of seats is limited. Please confirm availability of free seats by writing to the e-mail address .

The working language of the event is English. Participation at the seminar does not require expert-level competence in IT.

Cyber Security of OT Seminar 09.02.2016